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Registration Requirements

*Payment must be made during online registration process   

1. Participation

Each participating team must complete registration online, be accepted by Tournament Registration Director, remit payment and check-in with official tournament staff prior to play.

A refund will not be given due to inclement weather conditions, or any naturally occurring event that requires game cancellation.

2. Roster

All players must be listed on the roster provided at check-in. No player may be added to the roster after check-in.

Age Group Roster Limit
U9 & U10

12 player roster limit (7 v 7)

U11 & U12

15 player roster limit (9 v 9)

U13 - U15

18 player roster limit (11 v 11)

U16 & older

22 player roster limit, but no more than 18 players are eligible to sit with the team and play at any one game.

3. Guest Players

  • Guest players must be identified at check-in in order to be eligible for tournament games.
  • Adding guest players after check-in will not be allowed.
  • Guest players must have a valid player card or be on the official roster, and a proper guest player release form – the Specialty Play Action Form found here
  • Guest players may be recreational players provided they obtain certification comparable to that issued by the state official that grants player registration cards.
  • Number of guest players allowed is determined by the age group
    • U8 - U10 – 3 maximum allowed per team
    • U11 & U12 - 4 maximum allowed per team
    • U13 & older - 5 maximum allowed per team

4. Documentation

At check-in, the team representative must present:

  • Six copies of the official roster (UYSA Picture rosters) or an official player card for each player (out of state teams)
  • A completed Guest Player form for each guest player (see Guest Player section for details) ‚Äč

Although not required for check-in (according to a new UYSA policy), teams must have the following documents at the field for each game:

  • Birth Certificates for each player
  • Medical release form or UYSA participant registration form for each player

UYSA Teams using Affinity:

After logging in to the Affinity System, click on the "Teams" tab and choose "Apply to Tournament" next to the name of the team you are applying to the tournament. This should give you a drop-down menu to choose the Wasatch Soccer Classic.