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Academy Registration - U7/U8 2012/13 Birth Year - Read More

By Wasatch Soccer Club, 05/21/19, 7:15AM MDT


Academy 6 and 7 year old boys and girls

Wasatch Soccer Club U7 and U8 Academy Program

Exciting Environment

Games based approach to coaching is used to develop a love of the game, decision making, and ball skill.

Professional Coaches

All of our head coaches have the National Youth License (NYL). The NYL stresses best practices for the youth player and child psychology.

  • Derek Tate - Wasatch Soccer Club Director of Coaching U6 - U8
  • Zach Klingonsmith - 2018 Utah Youth Soccer Boys Coach of the Year

Age Appropriate Curriculum

Our curriculum is written to ensure all components of soccer are learned. It has been authored by the Club directors. Each week, a different curriculum topic will be taught.

Training Methods

Reality based learning is an approach to teaching. It is grounded in research on how young children develop and learn motor skills; and in what is known about effective early education. Its framework is designed to promote young children's optimal learning and development and most importantly, a LOVE of the game.

The Environment

Using these training methods creates an ATHLETE CENTERED coaching approach. This is a philosophy to unleash the potential of athletes through a style of coaching that promotes learning through ownership, awareness and responsibility. Coaches using this philosophy ask questions as opposed to giving instructions. This allows the athlete to choose to be aware of, take responsibility for and oversee ownership of opportunities. An Athlete Centered Coaching Approach is founded upon evidence that people are best at finding their own way, which leads to higher levels of performance.

Why Athlete Centered Approach

It is clear that coach centered instructing (i.e. telling an athlete what to do) is not the most effective way to support learning and development for athletes. Coaches often report repeating the same things over and over to athletes; and when under the pressure of competition, the athletes revert to old habits. Training sessions are frequently focused primarily on the knowledge of the coach. This method of coaching stifles the athlete’s own potential, thinking, decision making and creativity; limiting the athlete to the extent of the imagination and experience of the coach.

Wasatch Soccer Club Academy Basics - U7 & U8

  • 38 weeks per year with scheduled breaks
  • Scheduled breaks promote needed rest, injury prevention, and burnout
  • 3 days per week in season (summer, fall and spring); 1 game and 2 practice
  • 1 day per week in winter
  • 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 is the focus of the academy
  • 3 four week seasons of 4v4 league with other clubs on Mondays
  • Jamborees are in addition to regular weekly schedule
  •  Top U8 players to play in Youth Development League (YDL) in spring
  •  Fluid training groups (2 teams) adjusted throughout the year
  • Optional Club Programs Available

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