Wasatch SC DNA

Wasatch SC DNA


Our goal is to develop the person first, we know soccer is a huge part of these players lives, we support that by developing them as
soccer players and athletes through our methodology and curriculum. But we all know that the game ends for everyone, so we
support our athletes to develop the competence to lead a healthy and meaningful life away from the game. We instill our core
values of Enjoyment, Excellence, Perseverance, Effort and Integrity in our weekly training curriculum to develop these
characteristics in the young people we work with.



We are here because we enjoy it


We strive for better than average standards and aim to get better everyday


Continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition


Giving one’s best effort all the time


Strong Moral Principles, doing something because it’s the right thing to do.

Mission Statement

To be the best Grassroots soccer club
in the United States, helping our
youth reach their full potential as
players and people.

The Wasatch Player


Read & understand the game a make decisions:
● Applies knowledge of the details and implications of the cues
● Reads cues regarding Attacking/Defending?Transition in a
split second under pressure
● Aligns own actions with other players & positions. Understands relationships & partnerships

Take initiative & be proactive
● Creates instead or reacts
● Takes people on, 1v1 attacking
● Thinks ahead. Demonstrates focus
● Plays to win
● Has guts & is brave
● Deals with adversity
● Is composed in their behavior (emotional stability)

Execute with optimal abilities
● Technically proficient to be effective (accurate) & successful in all situations
● Proficient in 1v1 to create to win or regain the ball
● Has technical skills to create, even under pressure

Execute with optimal physical abilities
● Uses body (e.g. to protect the ball)
● Has the physical fitness to execute their task the entire game

Takes responsibility & accountability for own development &

● Involved and engaged in every training session and exercise
● Delivers on agreements and promises
● Adaptable and flexible in dealing with (un)expected challenges and problems
● Evaluates and reflects on their own performance (analyzes game performance in relation to positional requirements in the system of play)
● Articulates their own learning needs and formulates personal development goals (creates own Personal Development Plan)


How We Play

Organized, compact, patient, and resilient

To defend effectively and efficiently a team must
demonstrate a controlled, strategic and positive approach
where all players contribute both individually and
Have a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities to
regain possession of the ball.

Tactical Principles