Admin Registration

Admin Registration:
Assistant Coaches and Team Managers can register with an assignment code (This is given to you by the Head Coach) The Head Coach will need to access this from your team roster page by clicking on the button TEAM ASSIGNMENT CODES. You will then use the Wasatch Registration Website to begin the registration process. You will enter the code when prompted. ALL admins will need a current concussion certificate (the training takes approx 20 minutes.) Assistant Coaches will also need appropriate licenses. Any ACs who aren't licensed will be moved to a team parent until they are. All classes are full until the end of July so I encourage them to sign up for that class.  You will need to obtain a E-waiver for now. Please see website below for Coaches Education information. Deadline is June 20
 Here is a link for coaching education classes
Here are the Registration links for AC and Team Managers
Concussion Certificate is required for ALL Admins (this includes Team Managers)
Wasatch Registration Website