Wasatch Soccer

Wasatch SC is a unique soccer club situated in Davis County, Utah along the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. Why unique?  Unlike many clubs, Wasatch SC is predominately volunteer-based. Our coaches, executive committee and board members are all parent volunteers.  Don’t let the word “volunteer” give you the wrong impression though. Wasatch SC is one of the largest and oldest clubs in Utah with over a thousand players, and we take our role in youth soccer very seriously.  Nothing’s more important to us than helping to improve each individual player and ensuring their success in the future.

The core of who we are is this: we just feel great soccer should be available for any child who wants it, and we work hard to foster that environment here.  And again, this is where our uniqueness comes in, because Wasatch SC is mostly volunteers, we are all committed in the effort. It’s not a job to us. It’s a mission!

Go Wasatch!